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Welcome to SOS Radio.

S.O.S. RADIO... the Sounds Of Survival Apocalyptic Radio "Because it's never to late to liberate!" A web-comic of sound, music, and a quest for creative freedom from an entertainment starved tyrannical monarchy where anyone with the gift of art and self expression are not only hunted but enslaved. Chainsaw Adam's, a lone pirate radio dj travels a post apocalyptic wasteland broadcasting a message of rebellion. Calling to the abstract souls and the free spirits, he inspires those in hiding from the powers that be to rise up and fight back to create a new society built on the stuff that dreams are made of. "CLIFF-NOTES FOR NEW VIEWERS" After teaming up with Rockette a bassist with a flare for pyrotechnics, and Boom Boom the Native American Drum Warrior who claims to be our hero's fiancee, Chainsaw prepares to cause a jailbreak with the aid of a train they have liberated from the Commonwealth in order to free countless Naturals and "The Girl with Green Eye's" from captivity.

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SOS Radio launches!

Posted by ChainsawAdams
August 23rd, 2011, 4:16 pm
send a PM

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of SOS Radio! Comics coming soon!

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